Baby Bandana Bib (It’s Reversible!)

IMG_1890 IMG_1896

My three month old daughter is starting to drool like one of those pups from Turner and Hooch. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad but I sense that hard core teething is just around the corner. I only had one of these cute bandana bibs lying around from when my son was a wee bobbin. It seemed like a feasible sewing project for an amateur so I gave it a shot and I’m really pleased with the way it turned out!

What to do:

1. You’ll need 2 pieces of fabric (approx 23″ x 9″). I made a pattern using the other bib. The measurements are in the picture below, in case you don’t have a bib to use. Those measurements take into account seam allowance. After you cut out your first piece, lay it right side down on the other piece in order to cut it out.


2. The two pieces should be right side together ready for you to sew around the edges. Make sure you leave a gap at the end to pull the bib through so that it’s right side out.


3. Iron the bib after you’ve made it right side out. Then sew up the gap (I folded the rough edges inward and pinned it – sorry I forgot to take a picture!) and then continue sewing around the edges in order to give it a finished look.


4. Put it on the cutest baby ever.


I think she likes it! 🙂


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