How To Display Your Kid’s Artwork – Instagram Style!

img_5088 IMG_5090

So I’m super excited about this little project and I’m glad it’s finally done! Awhile ago I had decided that I wanted to find a way to keep Oliver’s artwork without actually keeping it. This is a big step for me because I’m one of the world’s biggest pack rats. But I also know that the ratio of the sheer volume of artwork that gets sent home from daycare to the square footage of our house makes keeping everything impossible.

Photographing the artwork seems to me to be the most obvious way of preserving it.  And Instagram is a fun way to highlight the colours and the textures.

My initial plan was to make a collage with the Instagram photos using a foam board or canvas and some Modge Podge (similar to this project here). But then I saw that Black’s was offering these collage posters of 28 Instagram photos for free! Even at regular price ($9.99) it’s still a pretty good deal! Unfortunately, you can’t order them online yet. You have to go into the store and use one of their kiosks (which are the bane of my existence…they are so slow!) but it was definitely worth it!

The poster measures approx 14″ wide by 24″ long. It’s hanging up in Oliver’s play area now and he’s so proud of it. I still haven’t been able to bring myself to throw away the originals yet. My husband will probably have to do it behind my back. Like I said…world’s biggest pack rat. 🙂


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