Sharpie Anniversary Mug

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Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. It was very low key…dinner and wine on the deck after Oliver went to bed. It was perfect.

Of course, I had to make him a little something. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of time hence the Sharpie mug. This is my first time using a Sharpie and not a porcelain pen. I’m not sure how well the Sharpie will hold up as most people report that the Sharpie rubs off after a couple of washes. We shall see…

I decided to put a few key dates on the mug, like our first date, first kiss, etc. I saw something similar on Pinterest but framed. The sample in the link is clearly fake. It has the couple’s first date on April 22 and their first kiss on May 16. Who waits a whole month to kiss?! Anyways, I dug out a couple of old diaries to find some special dates. It was fun reading the entries from when we first started dating. I can’t believe that was almost 10 years ago!

I wanted the writing to circle the mug as if it was all one long string. On my first attempt (this took me two tries) I used masking tape to help me keep my writing straight. This was a bad idea. The tape left an invisible residue that turned brown when I baked the mug. Grrr. Maybe painter’s tape would be better? On my second try I just did it free hand and hoped for the best.

I also haven’t baked the one you see in the picture yet. Baking it really faded the colours. I figure we’ll just hand wash it and for $4 ($1 for the mug and $3 for the Sharpies) if it washes off, it’s not the end of the world.

If you make something similar try to avoid any surface that will come in contact with your mouth or the liquid. Sharpies aren’t exactly food safe. Also, the Sharpie wasn’t very forgiving. If you make a mistake, wipe it off immediately!

My husband thought it was really cute. He couldn’t believe that I had written down all those little milestones in my diary and that I was actually able to find the date for the first time that I told him I loved him.

Awww…I know what you’re thinking, gag me with a Sharpie. šŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Sharpie Anniversary Mug

  1. Love this! It’s super cute! And so so thoughtful!

    And so funny….I made the Pinterest one in the frame….hanging in our bedroom šŸ™‚


    Michelle Davidson

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