DIY “Hands Down Best Dad” Father’s Day Shirt



Ok so I’m kinda cutting it close with this seeing as Father’s Day is tomorrow…but this is a pretty quick, easy and inexpensive craft to do. 

What you need:

– T-shirt in Dad’s favourite colour

– Fabric paint and paintbrush

– freezer paper or DIY freezer paper (see my post on how to make it)

– self healing mat and craft knife

– iron

What to do:

1) Press your child’s (or children’s) hands into a blob of fabric paint and then press them onto the shirt. The fabric paint washes off easily. Be careful not to get it on anything that they’re or you’re wearing because it’s permanent. Let the hand prints dry.

2) Make your “Down Best Dad” stencil using freezer paper or your own freezer paper then iron it onto the shirt (I used ‘Marker felt’ font for mine). 

3) Paint the words on the shirt with fabric paint.

And that’s it. Now you have a pretty darn cute Father’s Day gift, if I do say so myself. 

Happy Father’s Day! 🙂 



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