Tales From Kindergarten


Kindergarten kids say the darndest things. And by “darndest” I mean brutally honest and totally hilarious.

For example…today one little boy with the sweetest green eyes and a shock of curly red hair asked me innocently, “are you going to have a baby?”

Me: Pardon?

Him: Are you going to have a baby?

Me: No, why? (in retrospect, I kinda walked into this…)

Him: Because your tummy is all big and puffy. (yes, he said “puffy”)

Me: Well, my tummy is just a bit big I guess.

Him: From eating?

Me: (uncontrollable laughter)

He totally called me out. I like to think of myself as struggling with some stubborn post baby weight (even though Oliver will be 2 next month) as if the weight is just overstaying its welcome and I have no control over it. But this little red-headed cutie set me straight…I’m puffy because I eat too much.

For the record…my tummy isn’t THAT puffy. And I was wearing a shirt with horizontal stripes, which will henceforth be banished from my wardrobe.


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