Rolled Oat Chicken Burger


Anyone that’s tried to make a burger patty out of lean ground chicken or turkey knows how sticky and mushy it can get. After you manage to form a decent patty out of it, you watch helplessly as it oozes through the bars on your grill. Don’t even get me started on the perils of flipping them…

The solution: rolled oats.

Pour some dry oats onto a plate and then roll the ground meat in them.


The oats help the chicken or turkey patties to maintain their shape. No more oozing on the grill and they’re easy to flip. Plus you get the added bonus of a slightly crunchy coating once they’re finished. Yum!

I use the rolled oats with beef burgers as well, we just don’t eat those as often (much to my husband’s chagrin).

Melt your favourite cheese on them (I prefer goat’s), toss on some toppings and enjoy!




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