DIY Birthstone Bird Nest Necklace (Perfect for Mother’s Day!)


As the title suggests, this DIY makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift and they are so easy to make that you should still have time to make your own before Sunday.

I found this tutorial at Sarah Ortega’s blog. I really wanted to make something for myself actually, to represent my growing family because I didn’t want a traditional family ring. When my Mom saw me wearing it she basically demanded I make one for her. 🙂

What you’ll need:

– glass or plastic beads

– 22 gauge wire (anything thicker and you might have a hard time stringing it through the beads)

– wire cutters

– chain

What you do:

1. First string the beads onto the wire in the arrangement that you want an twist them to form a circle. My sister and I were born in December hence the turquoise beads, my mom’s February birthday is represented by the purple bead (amethyst) and I chose a yellow coloured stone as a topaz for my brother’s November birthstone.

IMG_4297 IMG_4298

2. Then start wrapping the wire around the beads. The key here is to keep it nice and tight around the beads.


3. Next wrap some wire around the space between each bead to keep the wire tight and in place.


4. Finally make a loop to put the chain through or you could use a jump ring instead.

Of course, you don’t have to make a birthstone bird nest…you can use any colour beads you want. I like that when I wear mine it’s like having a little reminder of my family with me. Oliver likes the necklace too. It’s so cute…he knows that the beads represent us and he likes to point them out. 🙂

So go make one for your Mother. Or for yourself! Happy Mother’s Day!


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