My Smartphone Bought Me Lunch and Now I Feel Guilty About It

imagesSo here I am…sitting in Starbucks eating a panini and drinking a tea that I paid for with my phone. Well, with an app on my phone. I feel like Jane Jetson (That’s not my hand in the picture, by the way).

Normally I pay for my food with some form of plastic like other normal earthlings. But I didn’t have a packed lunch because I was only supposed to work a half day but then the school asked me to stay for the afternoon. I got all the way to the nearest Tim Hortons before I realized that I had forgotten my wallet at home.

Now, I don’t function well on an empty stomach. I’m one of those people that’s always thinking about my next meal or snack so missing a meal is my idea of devastating.

I began to consider my options. Curl up in a ball outside of Tim’s and hope someone throws a timbit my way or go forage in the nearby park for some berries or tree bark or something.

On the verge of a hunger driven panic a solution suddenly came to me! I remembered that once while in line at Starbucks I saw someone swipe their phone screen and magically their coffee was paid for! So I downloaded the Starbucks app onto my phone and called my husband to get his credit card info and viola! I now had $25 to use at Starbucks. Amazing. I wasn’t going to have to go through the kids’ backpacks at school looking for scraps after all!

I had no idea that apps like this or Google Wallet even existed. Although I usually still use the word “app” to refer to starters at a restaurant so maybe I’m a little behind. It really is unbelievable what technology can do for us these days. But as I wrote this I couldn’t help think of the enormous disparities that exist in society today. I mean, I could totally stand to miss a meal but never have to whereas some people really do have to forage for food and know what it’s like to be truly hunger. So yeah, now I feel kinda guilty about my lunch. It doesn’t help that I also at a slice of lemon poppy seed loaf either.


2 thoughts on “My Smartphone Bought Me Lunch and Now I Feel Guilty About It

    • I’m glad that I’m not the only one that hadn’t heard of those apps! And I think it’s great that you still use cash. In fact, I’m sure all the cash carrying people behind me in line are groaning when I pull out my debit card for a small purchase. 🙂

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