Daycare: Germ Warfare and the Bogey Boy

Let me preface this post by saying that I love the daycare that Oliver goes to. They actually call themselves a preschool and that’s exactly what it feels like…a mini kindergarten class. We had weighed the pros and cons between a home daycare and a centre-based one and I’m so happy that we put him in a centre. He has peers his own age, quality organic lunches and absolutely no TV.

But there are plenty of germs to go around. When he started daycare my doctor said “prepare for him to be sick for the next six months.” I laughed. I like jokes.

It wasn’t a joke.

My doctor wasn’t exaggerating. Oliver has had varying degrees of one illness or another since he started in September. I know it’s actually a a good thing that he’s getting sick and building up his immune system but I’m getting so tired of it! When will it end? Not anytime soon, apparently and I think it’s all George’s (name has been changed) fault. He’s another boy in Oliver’s class.

Don’t get me wrong, George is a sweet kid and I like him. But he ALWAYS has snot running down his face. And not just “oh honey, you’ve got a little booger in your nose” kind of snot but like huge slugs trailing from his nose (just to give you a mental image). I have seen this kid every single drop off and pick up since September and he always has the slugs. Seriously. Somebody PLEASE get this kid a kleenex…or a vaccuum!

When I picked up Oliver yesterday they were all having snack and of course…who is he sitting next to? You guessed it. George, the perpetual bogey boy.

Oliver woke up this morning with a runny nose. Quelle surprise.


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