DIY T-Shirt Scarf Tutorial


So I realize that these are all over Pinterest and the world probably doesn’t need another t-shirt scarf tutorial but I was making these two as gifts and thought why not post it? There may be someone out there that learns something new from this post.

This is another one of those satisfying DIYs. When you start out with your t-shirt and a picture of the finished product you’re thinking, really? I’m gonna end up with this? Yes! And it’s fun to do.

You’ll need:

– a men’s cotton t-shirt (L or XL)

– a good pair of scissors

What you do:

1) Cut off the shirt just under the arm pits and cut off the seam at the bottom. Put the bottom seam aside for later.


2) Cut slits along the side of the shirt, about 1 inch apart. Then follow those cuts all the way along the shirt, stopping about a half an inch from the end. You should end up with approximately 15 strips.

IMG_20130420_211410 IMG_20130420_211452

3) Then use your thumb to pull the strips, stretching them out. They will magically curl and become stringy.


4) Then gather up the end where you stopped cutting, making sure to separate the strings on either side so that it forms a circle scarf. Use half of the bottom seam that you cut off at the beginning to wrap around the end you just gathered.


5) Ta da! You’re done. Wear your cool new scarf any way you want. This awkward picture that I took of myself shows my favourite way to wear it.


Note: If the shirt has seams down the sides you will need to gather the other end of the scarf as well and wrap it because the seams will look messy if exposed. It’s fun to play around with different ways to wrap the ends.


These scarves make great gifts, especially for the economically challenged since they’re basically free! Well…they were free until my husband asked me to stop cutting up his shirts to make into scarves for my friends.  So now I hit up the Value Village on 50% off days and stock up on men’s shirts then. It’s a win-win situation. My husband doesn’t have any nice colours left anyways…


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