Reinventing Bedtime Stories

I’m pretty rigid about protecting Oliver’s bedtime routine. It’s one of my favourite times of the day because it’s one of the only times that we spend all together as a family. The two main features of the routine are bath time and story time. Oliver loves to do both and I love watching him love them. If I had to choose, I’d have to say that reading stories is my favourite though. I get to do funny voices, Oliver’s facial expressions and reactions to the stories are priceless and last but definitely not least, he sits all cozy on my lap (a perk that’s soon to be a thing of the past I fear…).

So what’s his favourite book at the moment? Guess. Goodnight Moon? No. But that’s a classic. Hippos Go Berserk? Wrong again. But good guess. Little Engines Can Do Big Things, featuring Thomas the Tank Engine? Close, but no cigar.

I present to you his current favourite “bedtime story”. A 2006 Gaudi calendar.


That’s right…a calendar. And we don’t “read” it just once. We “read” it over and over again. So of course now I’m thinking, wow! my son is going to be an artist or an architect. How many kids out there are revelling in Gaudi’s chimney flutes? But hey, I could be wrong. Maybe tots everywhere are being lulled to sleep by the dulcet tones of a 2010 Monet calendar or fighting off nightmares after indulging in a 2012¬†calendar featuring Dali.

So maybe my kid is quirky. Maybe he really is drawn to the fine arts. All I know is that if he’s going to snuggle up on my lap, I’ll “read” him whatever he wants.


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