Kids Draw the Darndest Things


If you need a laugh today – here it is! Let me start by saying that I didn’t draw this. I spied this little masterpiece at a school that I was recently working at. Thank goodness for cameras on phones!

So I’m a supply teacher which means I get to meet lots of different kids of all ages and I’m exposed to tons of different teaching strategies, without all the fuss of marking and planning (which is perfect when you come home to a toddler every day and piles of grad school journal articles to read…hmmm maybe I should be reading those right now).

Anyways, lately I’ve been getting called in to supply in kindergarten classrooms. This kid’s self portrait was pinned up on the teacher’s personal bulletin board. I imagine she kept this for herself so that no matter how frenetic her days with a room full of 4 year olds get, she has something to put a smile on her face. Hell…she probably laughs out loud every time. I know I do.

I love the things kids come up with…they are always good for a laugh. I can’t wait until Oliver’s fine motor skills are developed enough to produce a little comic relief art work of his own. The tricky part will be not laughing at it in front of him. Seriously, sometimes I think one of the biggest parenting challenges is keeping a straight face. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Kids Draw the Darndest Things

  1. Oh, it is so funny, and to think that is a self-portrait, makes me laugh out even louder!
    I have young cousins, and they are always drawing similar stuff, it cracks me up everytime 🙂
    Nice blog, btw!

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